Spa Pool Vacuum Jet Cleaning Tool Head Manual Fishing Net Tool Set EU

selling point:

  • Deluxe nylon bristles along perimeter and underside of vacuum.
  • Air-relief valves release excess suction and weighted to allow alternative
    movement on the pool floor and to prevent stress on the filter-pump and
    accidental damage to pool liners.
  • Bayonet adjustable angle handle, all made of high quality ABS material,
    portable buckle handle design, can adjust the handle angle according to
    cleaning needs, It is convenient and comes with user-friendly design.
  • The
    vacuum storage tank has its own filter screen. When it cleans dirt, the dirt
    can be blocked in the water storage tank, prevent the dirt from sucking into
    the water pump, damage the equipment, and the removable storage bin design
    for easy cleaning and filtering of dirt.
  • The
    integrated design of suction and cleaning can deepen the dirt in the pool
    seam and absorb the dirt from the brush to make cleaning easier.


  • The interface is  American specifications, please pay attention when ordering


  • Size:
    34 × 19cm
  • Material: plastic


  • 1 ×
    Swimming pool cleaning set (as shown on white background)



  • Model Number: 0528
  • Type: Cleaner
  • piscina: piscinas
  • pool: piscinas grandes para familia
  • piscine: swimming pool
  • piscina hinchable: zwembad
  • piscina grande: piscina inflable
  • frame pool: adult pool
  • piscinas inflables para adultos: colchoneta piscina
  • piscinas estructurales: water gun
  • aquapark: piscinas desmomtables
  • zwembad speelgoed: toys for kids
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