58335 Bestway 1.07m Safety Pool Ladder for Asia,Africa,America

42″ Specially Designed Ladder for Above Ground Swimming Pool of Height 107cm

  Laminated Swimming Pool Ladder/Swimming Pool Staircase

Bestway 42″/1.07m Safety Pool Ladder

Available for pools with Height from about 100cm.


Size:1.07 m (42”)

Gw: 8.4Kg (18.5Lb)

For Markets:North America, Asia, Africa & Latin America


Rust-resistant metal frame
Heavy-duty plastic steps
Easy assembly
Shelf box with picture




Players must pay enough attentions including but not limited to the following:


Children can use it only when under care of adults!


  • Ladder must be checked periodically;

    The Ladder can only be used to go in and out of the pool,not any other uses.


No Slopping Ground!


No Diving!


No Jumping!


List of Bestway Ladders for Above Ground Pools


Code Height-cm Height-in NW-Kg NW-Lb Available Markets Matching Pools
58430 84 cm 33″ 5.6 12.4 Except North America
58334 91 cm 36″ 7.4 16.4 Asia,Africa,America
58335 1.07 m 42″ 7.7 16.9 Asia,Africa,America
58330 1.07 m 42″ 8.4 18.5 European Union
58336 1.22 m 48″ 9.9 21.8 Asia,Africa,America
58331 1.22 m 48″ 12.6 27.8 European Union
58337 1.32m 52″ 11.9 26.2 Asia,Africa,America
58332 1.32m 52″ 13.6 29.9 European Union

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  • Brand Name: Bestway
  • Model Number: 58335
  • Type: Ladder
  • Bestway Item Name: AG Pool Ladder
  • Size of the Ladder: 1.07m(42″)
  • For Market: Asia,Africa,America
  • Special Warning: Kids under care of Adults
  • Frame Material: Rust-resistant metal frame
  • Steps Material: Heavy-duty Plastic
  • Assembly: Easy Assembly
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